Underground Vaults & Storage Acquires DCE/Paramount4

Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S), a privately‐owned company serving clients worldwide, has announced the acquisition of UK based DCE/Paramount4. DCE (Design, Construct and Exhibitions) is a leader in providing major event services for a wide range of industries in all corners of the globe.

Located in Newbury, England, and a longtime partner of our London‐based Event Services division, DCE will expand our service portfolio for the many festivals, markets, events, exhibitions, retail installations, and conferences we mutually work. The group also has a facility in Cannes, France, which will support the significant festivals and markets that we mutually work in that area. The four directors and over 30 employees will continue with the company with a focus on continued expansion.

This acquisition helps support the rapid growth of our Event Services division which includes best‐in‐class design, technical layouts, construction, printing, transportation, installation, completion, removal and storage of assets.

Founded in 1959 as Underground Vaults & Storage, a full‐service records and information management company, the company has rebranded as “UV&S” to better represent the varied services and subsidiaries it now holds. UV&S’s multiple divisions provide records storage, event and festival services, and NAID certified destruction and recycling. Additionally, UV&S Technology provides IT support and data center hosting and services to worldwide clients. UV&S has 12 locations in the United States and 5 in the United Kingdom and 1 in France. UV&S is perhaps best known for its flagship salt mine facility in Hutchinson, Kansas where it stores millions of items 650’ underground for some of the largest companies in the world, including the motion picture and television industry.

More information on UV&S and the full listing of locations and services can be found by visiting the website www.uvsinc.com. More information on DCE/Paramount4 can be found by visiting www.paramount4.co.uk.