KSBBBS Life Skills Concept Offers Equity for Underserved Youth

Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to announce the launch of its new Life Skills Guide. The initiative focuses on advancing equity for youth facing adversity by providing more specific resources for the mentors within the organization who will help their Little learn valuable skills during their one-to-one time to prepare them for adulthood.

“Our mission is to help Kansas youth realize their potential with the guidance of a 1:1 mentor. Life skills are a significant cornerstone for equity, so we designed a tool kit our mentors can use to help their Little improve their academic performance, build self-confidence, and develop healthy behaviors with the skills necessary to be successful,” said Mary Shannon, KSBBBS President and CEO. “Our hope is that we’re giving our youth the knowledge and opportunity they deserve to earn a living wage by the time they turn 25.”

The Life Skills Guide centers around pillars essential to adult life by building skills related to self-awareness, self-confidence, healthy choices, adulting 101, and career & life. Each quarter, a different focus is selected, and matches are provided with a guide of conversation starters alongside opportunities for hands-on skill-building experiences in partnership with organizations and businesses in the community.

KSBBBS’ first quarter Life Skills Guide focuses on healthy habits and goals. From conversation starters like how to create a routine to setting goals, the guide allows mentors to choose the appropriate topics for their Little and plan discussion and learning opportunities during their already scheduled time together.

“This is a truly innovative way of offering youth facing adversity the same opportunity their peers have as they prepare for adult life,” says Brian Rohloff, Textron Aviation Senior Vice President and KSBBBS board member. “The possibility of leveling the playing field for these kids, whether they choose immediate employment, trade school, or college after graduation from high school not only means more opportunity for them to succeed, but an opportunity for communities to directly prepare their future workforce.”

As one of the fastest growing BBBS affiliates in the nation, Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters is actively seeking more volunteer mentors, and community partners who are interested in offering a free Life Skills related match activity for Littles and Bigs. To learn more about how you can volunteer, recommend a Big, or provide a Life Skills activity to KSBBBS youth, please contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters in your community. A list of community locations can be found at www.kansasbigs.org.