About Us

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About Us

The Wichita Business Magazine is a quarterly publication that shines a light on Wichita's entrepreneurs and business professionals. Our focus is on growth, innovation, leadership, and the heart of the entrepreneur that inspires others to follow their dreams while sharing the truths of the journey—the highs and the lows. Please continue reading to learn more about Wichita Business Magazine.


There are multiple crossroads, hills, valleys, and mountains that any business takes from start-up to that first employee to the push from small to medium to going public. Ownership and the team building the business are constantly working to grow and redefine themselves along the way. We look to showcase those growth moments and the people behind the climb.



Too often, we look for leadership outside of our community. How is it possible that someone three hours away is suddenly smarter than our local experts right next door? They are not! The Wichita Business Magazine strives to showcase the talent in Wichita, the people of the business community, and the experts in their field. No more going out of town for expertise right down the street.



Innovation comes in many forms: new products and services, new ways of distribution, and new marketing tactics. The list goes on and on with the creativity of the people behind the businesses in Wichita. Often, we think of innovation as this big triumph of success, but businesses of all sizes must constantly innovate to meet the demands of the marketplace. We love to showcase how Wichita businesses and the larger Wichita community are being innovative, striving for greatness, and constantly thinking in new and creative ways.


The entrepreneur's heart is at the core of our team at the Wichita Business Magazine. We are business owners coming together to create a publication that shares the stories of those who had an idea, took the risk, shared their dreams with others, and gave it all they could with the possibility that they would lose everything they have. That is what drives us to excellence. We hope the stories we share bring pride to those showcased and help inspire the next great entrepreneurial story.

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